Design conditions for a new deep-sea port at Anaklia, Georgia

The Challenge

With the goal of becoming a key transit country along the eastern edge of the Black Sea, a new (deep-sea) port will be constructed at Anaklia, Georgia. HaskoningDHV developed the Master Plan and Conceptual Design for the port. One of the challenges in this project was to determine the hydrodynamic design conditions and the morphological impact of the new port.

Our Solution

Our team of specialists conducted a number of studies to provide answers for the development of the Masterplan and Conceptual Design of the port: 1) metocean data analysis, 2) hydrodynamic modelling to determine the detailed currents and storm surge along and in the port basin, 3) offshore-nearshore wave transformation modelling to determine nearshore wave conditions, 4) wave penetration modelling for determining downtime, 5) coastline evolution modelling to determine the effect of the breakwaters on the longshore sediment transport and coastline, 6) sedimentation modelling to determine maintenance dredging volumes in the port basin and access channel.

The Outcome

We provided detailed predictions of the design wave and current conditions, downtimes due to waves within the port basin, morphodynamical effects of the breakwaters and maintenance dredging rates.