Meet our team!

The coastal hydrodynamics, morphodynamics and water quality team of Royal HaskoningDHV combines fundamental knowledge about hydrodynamics, sediment transport and water quality with skills in computer modelling, data analysis and GIS to find solutions in river, estuarine and coastal environments.

We have an international team of experts based in multiple countries, among others The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Australia, Vietnam and Indonesia. These teams work both in their own country as well as in many other countries worldwide.

The team has expertise in a variety of environments such as oceans, coastal zones, estuaries and riverine systems. We find the best solutions for world’s largest engineering projects and for small local projects. Also, the team has worked in different stages of projects from feasibility studies to detailed design and implementation.

Our team is skilled in computer modelling of hydrodynamics, morphology and water quality. We work on design conditions for hydraulic structures and ports, dredging, morphological studies, typhoons, tsunamis and plume dispersion.

The Netherlands

Anne de Beer

Coastal Hydrodynamics, Morphology and Water Quality Expert

Bente de Vries

Coastal Nature-Based Solutions Expert

Stef Boersen

Wave Modelling Expert

Petra Dankers

Coastal Nature-Based Solutions Expert

Jasper Leuven

Estuarine and Coastal Morphology Expert

Olaf Scholl

Wave and Cyclone Modelling Expert

Filip Schuurman

River and Coastal Hydrodynamics, Morphology and Water Quality Expert

Marius Sokolewicz

Coastal Engineering Expert

Marc Brouwer

Dredging Expert

Alex van Deyzen

Dynamic Mooring Analyis Expert

Cock van der Lem

Maritime Expert

The United Kingdom

Tanja Cooper

Coastal Modelling Expert

Giang Vu Luong

Wave Modelling Expert

Katarzyna Bozek

Coastal and Fluvial Expert

Keming Hu

Coastal Hydrodynamics, Morphology and Water Quality Expert

Jake Carley

Coastal Engineer

Ruben Borsje

Coastal consultant

Zaman Sarker

Cyclone and Tsunami Modelling Expert

Thomas Green

Coastal consultant

Jaap Flikweert

Coastal Management Expert


Arjen Overduin

Senior Coastal Expert

Hoan Nguyen

Senior Coastal Modelling Expert

Joshua Simmons

Senior Coastal Expert

Luke Kidd

Coastal engineer

Rohan Hudson

Senior Coastal Expert


Alwin Commandeur

Coastal and River Modelling Expert

Joost Lansen

Project Manager

Le Ngoc Anh

Coastal Hydrodynamics and Morphology Modelling Expert

Nguyen Minh Dung

Coastal Modelling Expert

Nguyen Thi Minh Ly

Coastal Engineering Expert


Andaru Katri Lasrindy

Coastal Modelling Expert

Januar Dwiatma Permana

Coastal Engineer

Valen Rangga Gerina

Coastal Engineer